HCG Program

HCG Diet Program in Torrance, CA

HCG Diet Torrance CA

The HCG Program!

Increase Metabolism and Decrease Hunger Cravings

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced by the human placenta during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman is not eating enough, HCG stimulates the release of fat from her body to provide fuel for the baby. It is believed that HCG may decrease or prevent hunger cravings and spare lean muscle when a patient is on a very low calorie diet. HCG also increases hormone levels in men and women that may increase metabolism.

SCCAA offers the standard 26 Day HCG program or an enhanced 43 Day HCG program. These programs feature a nutrition and exercise regimen, physician prescribed HCG, and program enhancing injections of amino acids during the patient’s weekly monitoring visits with the Doctor.

The HCG program addresses what is missing from other programs:

  • Increases the rate of metabolism
  • Hunger suppression
  • Help in controlling type II diabetes and cholesterol
  • Boosts self esteem and self discipline
  • Heightens metabolism
  • Diminishes fatigue and irritability
  • Mood stabilization
  • Spares lean muscle

To maintain weight loss, long-term diet modification and exercise are necessary.

For more information about the HCG Program, call the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging & Medical Weight Loss today!