Anti-Aging Physician, Los Angeles, California

Due to the emergence of Anti-Aging Medicine, it is no longer necessary to accept the mental and physical decline associated with aging. A century ago the average life expectancywas 43 to 47. Today, life expectancy has almost doubled, due mostly to advances in medicine and technology. The rapid rate of these advances may put one in position to take advantage of cutting edge technologies in the pipeline, such as genetic engineering, stem cell transplants, therapeutic cloning, nanotechnology, and artificial organs. However, a longer life span is only desirable if living longer means living stronger, healthier, and without disabilities.
This is the premise of Anti-Aging Medicine, which is also known as Age Management Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Preventive-Regenerative Medicine, or Optimal Aging Medicine.
Preventive-Regenerative Medicine is a new specialty of heath care based on early detection, prevention, and reversal of the degenerative effects of aging. The primary goal is living healthier for a longer period of time.
The Anti-Aging specialty began in 1993 when twelve forward thinking physicians formed the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine(A4M). Today, the Academy is composed of 20,000 physicians and scientists from over 100 countries. It is the fastest growing scientific society in the world. The Academy is devoted to examining scientific research pertaining to: the causes of illness; aging; and the decline in physical and mental function as aging occurs. The principals of Preventive-Regenerative Medicine are well documented in medical and scientific journals, and are based on sound and responsible medical care. While traditional medicine focuses on treating the effects of the aging process, Anti-Aging Medicine focuses on treating or preventing the causes of aging. Stated differently, traditional medicine predominately treats external symptoms that have internal causes, while Anti-Aging Medicine addresses the internal causes in order to prevent external symptoms. The different approach may sound subtle, but it can produce substantial differences in a person’s health and well-being.
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