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Martha Nieto

My name is Martha Nieto, I was born and raised in San Pedro, CA, My hometown is Lomita, CA.

I’m the second child out 3 and the only girl, I’ve always been self-motivated, hardworking, and have really strong and positive personality. I’ve worked in different specialties (Auto Parts delivery, Sales Represented, Auto Parts Manager, Accounting) and now currently am working with Dr. Goldstone as her Office Manager and Medical Assistant.

I currently specialize in Weight Loss and Hormone therapy, which is something I’m very happy and passionate about, I have been with Dr. Goldstone for over 7 years and counting. I have seen many patients very happy successful of the results they have achieved whether it be due to losing weight or Hormone Therapy.

Some of my personal interests are traveling, music, dancing, shopping. I also help my husband out in his business as his personal accountant. I’m a mother 3 (18 year old son, 17 year old daughter and 5 year old son). They are my strength to keep pushing forward.

This was a little bit of me, we hope to see you here at Dr. Goldstones office soon.