My name is Valerie Mejia and I was born in West Los Angeles, CA. As a child, I was always very outspoken and humorous (which I still am). I attended Everest College after graduating from high school in South Gate, CA. I found that being in the medical field I have been able to learn and provide great patient care. I have worked in different specialties and currently am working with Dr. Goldstone in Weight and Hormone therapy, which is something I personally, am happy to have learned about. I have been with Dr. Goldstone since May of 2017. I have seen many patients return happy about the results they have seen whether it be due to losing weight or improving their mood.

Some of my personal interests are Art Shows and music. I also attend classic car shows and enjoy cooking for my family. I have twin boys and they are my motivation to keep pushing forward. That was a little bit of me, we hope to see you here at Dr. Goldstone’s office soon.