Written Testimonials

I saw Dr. Goldstone for hormone balance. Under her care, I now feel healthier (and calmer) than I had in years. I also have more energy, which was one of my major concerns that led me to the Center. The blood tests she requires are covered 100% by health insurance (at least PPO ins.) and really gave me a way to measure my progress.

Dr Goldstone is an amazing doctor. Her staff are great always friendly and super nice.

Dr. Goldstone is not just a knowledgeable, competent physician, she takes the time to explain the most complex biology/ physiology into concise language a layman like myself can understand.
I highly recommend her services.

After meeting with Dr. Goldstone I was so excited to get treated. She was so kind and patient with me. I’m excited to see my progress.

Dr Goldstone is very attentive and thorough. Had issues with fatigue and fat issues (common for my age). Dr Goldstone developed a regimen and monitored regularly. Have had tremendous results. Body fat down from 21% to 12% in 13 months.

I’ve been going to Dr Goldstone’s for about 6 months now for nutrition and weight management. My energy levels had been an issue for awhile and I needed help. I feel right at home here. I was given all the tools I needed to help me start eating better for my health. Everything is explained in detail and made simple for you to understand. The office offers a wide range of different vitamins and supplements to help with the various issues women face today from weight management to menopause. The ladies in the office are very nice and accommodating, as my schedule changes constantly they always seem happy to work with me. Doctors offices can sometimes feel sterile and cold but here you feel amongst friends. That’s a good feeling to have.

She seems to keep regular hours and has always replied as soon as she returned. I have asked questions via email and voice messages and have been able to reach her directly at the office. I feel confident in her expertise. I feel better with her treatment, and I am definitely going to continue with her for years to come.

I have now been Dr. Goldstone’s patient for eight years. She is always educating herself and in turn educates her patients on the latest research. Please do not suffer from menopause if you are feeling bad. Help is just a phone call away! She is as kind as my very first appointment. I am so grateful to be under her care.

Dr. Goldstone and staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly this center to anyone who is looking to develop or maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.

I’ve had a very successful experience with Dr. Goldstone she is highly professional.

I’m very happy with my office visit, Dr. Goldstone and her staff are really professional and always really welcoming. I initially started on their Hormone program which I’m very happy and satisfied with but also took advantage of their great weight loss program. Both combined gave the most amazing results I was looking for.

I went to Dr. Judi Goldstone and she was “Awesome!” She reviewed all of my blood work in detail with me. She explained what deficiencies I had and recommended appropriate vitamins and supplements. I am feeling much better due to her knowledge and recommendations. I would definitely recommend Dr. Goldstone to other patients.

Dr. Goldstone is thorough and very caring. She’s always there to get questions answered and find solutions to your specific needs.

Dr. Goldstone is a knowledgeable endocrine and weight loss physician. I have appreciated her guidance and advice over the years. Trustworthy and effective health and anti-aging guidance.

Dr.Goldstone fills the gap from my primary physician who has limited knowledge in nutrition and other methods for staying youthful and achieving optimum overall health.

Very professional and knowledgeable on the subject. Very well explained.

Dr. and her staff are very professional, thorough, have answered all my concerns as a new patient, and keep appointment times on time! Thank you.

Dr was great very attentive to her patient’s needs.

Dr. Goldstone was very helpful in getting my hormones regulated and my energy increased. I would recommend her highly.

Feeling so much better. Having sex again. Feeling more balanced and have higher energy level. Dr.Judy really listens to my needs and the supplements are really making a difference!

Excellent care. Would strongly recommend this physician.

The staff is great, they really do everything to make me feel like I’m getting the best possible service.

Went to see her for fatigue. Started supplements 3 months ago, feeling so much better. Increased energy, alertness improved, losing unwanted weight. It’s amazing to feel good again after struggling for so long. I highly recommend Dr. Judy, she’s helped me so much.

Can’t believe I was so tired & now I’m getting my groove back, thanks to dr. Judy goldstone.

I would highly recommend the Center. I have lost weight, feel much better and have more energy. Dr. Goldstone is very thorough and her prescriptions have been very effective.

Treatment has been life changing. Dr Goldstone and staff are simply the best.

I have been so happy with my HRT progress under Dr. Goldstone she is so committed to taking her time to continue to make sure she has a thourough knowledge on my progress. I look forward to seeing Dr. Goldstone on my regular semi annual appointment to review my progress. The staff is so helpful and friendly. I consider Dr. Goldstone and staff excellent and proffesional and as friends.

Great physcian, spends time and listens. I would highly recommend Dr. Goldstone.

Professional and Friendly. Get your energy back.

I have always had positive and professional experiences with Dr Golstone and her team. I would recommend this office to anyone interested and great knowledge for better health and wellness.

Excellent every time I come in, professional, relaxed enviornment, they make it very easy to ask questions and get the answers I need. Have been a client for years and plan on staying

Dr. Goldstone and her staff are very friendly, informative and helpful. I have lost a significant amount of weight and I feel great. They are true experts and professionals with a lovely smile.

Dr. Judy is very friendly and takes her time with you. She doesn’t rush you out. The staff is also friendly and very helpful!


Great attention to detail — and my goals were listened to while being given excellent advice for optimum health. Thank you all 🙂

The staff is always friendly and professional and the place is very clean. Dr. Judi is always up to date with the latest technology and creates a unique profile based on your current conditions or issues. She is very detailed explaining your lab results and always compares them to the prior results. She adjusts any medication as needed to ensure an overall optimum well-being. Dr Judi never rushes her appointments and spends as much time as necessary with you.

I have been seeing Dr. Judy for over 1 year now. She and her staff ( Cynthia and Martha) have been fantastic. With Dr. Judy’s help I have regained my stamina and have managed to loose loose weight while re- establishing my lean muscle. As for my stamina, I truly feel like I did 15 years ago. I am working full time, studying full time and have started a part time business. Thanks Dr. Judy for helping me get my mojo back.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Goldstone for 5 years. I can’t express what a difference she has made in my overall health. Her thorough knowledge and extensive testing, combined with her caring nature, have provided great insight and amazing results. I recommend her.

I have tried every diet under the sun with very temporary results. I came to see Dr. Goldstone and with her help we have figured out that my hormones have been working against my weight loss efforts. Now that they are getting straightened out my weight has been dropping and I’ve been able to keep it off. I really do feel like a new person.

I highly recommend Southern California Center for Anti Aging. After only a few months, the supplements I have been given have made a remarkable difference in my energy and overall state of well being. The services provided are tailored to ones personal needs.

Dr. Goldstone and her staff make my health and well being their top priority. Personal attention to every detail must be their goal and because they care that much I have learned to be the same about the things I can do to maintain a healthy life. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be proactive in their health care.

I finally found a doctor that would spend a good amount of time with me and truly listen to my concerns. Dr. Judi tries to find the cause of the problem instead of giving drugs to cover them up. I really like her staff as well, very kind and gentle. Very easy to get an appointment too, even on Saturdays!

I have been going to Dr. Goldstone for about 2 years. She has helped me tremendously. I was not feeling well and things are much better. The aging process is more difficult than I expected. Dr. Goldstone is very thorough and has good ideas for improving health. The office staff is great – very helpful. I am 65 years old.

Dr. Goldstone is a wonderful and very knowledgeable doctor. My treatment has been life changing, I have recommended her to several of my girl friends already and they too are more than satisfied. Dr. Goldstone’s staff is kind, knowledgeable and they are always willing to go the extra mile for patient care.

Very professional and friendly.

Dr Goldstone has given me a life! I am off of insulin & glipizide for my diabetes. I have lost 24.4lbs in about 6 weeks. I am a 55 year old woman. I CANNOT remember when I was in the 160’s This experience has been amazing.

The southern California Center for Anti-Aging has been an amazing find for me. After years of failed weight loss attempts, I finally have succeeded in losing weight and doing it the healthy way under the watchful eye of Dr. Goldstone and her staff. I appreciate that the Dr. spent a lot of time explaining to me what I was doing wrong, and how to improve it. I’m even on a great supplement plan taking all of my vitamins and with the lab results in hand to prove it! I’m feeling better than ever. An A+ experience for me, thanks Dr., you changed my life.

I can say nothing but positive things about my experience here: The staff was friendly and the doctor was knowledgeable and professional, but best of all, I feel better thanks to the program the doctor established for me. The tests I received (which, contrary to what another user thought) are standard fare and are priced competitively. The doctor was able to confirm what I had long suspected, which was that I had low testosterone. After boosting my testosterone (and morale), I found I had more energy, focus and desire, all of which I had found lacking before. This treatment was truly a game changer for me and if you want to look or feel your best (I know – who doesn’t, right?) this is the place to go to. Highly recommended.

I have been coming here nearly since the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging opened and the difference in how I look and feel compared to when I started is tremendous. The simple step of increasing my iron intake brought back the color that was missing from my skin! My husband thinks I look ten years younger and that alone is worth the price of admission.

Dr. Goldstone is a really life saver she gave me my life back, she’s a really good doctor who understands exactly what was going on with me and her staff is just the best very helpful and polite. I really recommend for everyone who would like to loose weight or hormone therapy to make a appt it’s really effective and her prices are very low.

Dr, Goldstone is the best she is so knowledgeable knows what I was talking about she has helped so much in regaining my life back with bio-hormones and with my weight loss as well, the staff is so polite they make you feel like if you are a part of them. Well recommended to all people.

Well, I do not to need to loose weight. But I am getting older. 85 for that matter. Thank you Judi, for a keeping me healthy. I am confident that your monitoring my blood levels has kept me in good health.

Dr. Goldstone and her staff are great. I went to her for weight loss, with the HCG diet, I lost the weight and have kept it off. I also see Dr. Goldstone for hormone replacement therapy. I feel and look better than I have ever, all with the help of Dr. Goldstone and her helpful staff. I highly recommend her.

Originally went to Dr. Goldstone one year ago complaining of typical pre-menopausal symptoms: irritability, couldn’t get to sleep, couldn’t stay asleep, lack of energy, low libido, itchiness, you name it , I had it!! Now, all symptoms are gone and I feel great. It’s not magic, just good old-fashioned hard work. She takes a test to determine where your hormone levels should be and adjusts your medication until the levels are normal again. If you have any of these symptoms you owe it to yourself to see her. And you can also tell she really cares about you. That’s so rare these days :).

Dr. Goldstone’s weight loss plan worked for me. I went in hopeful but unclear as to how well her plan would work. But in 10 weeks I lost 37 pounds. A year later I gained only 10 of that back but honestly it’s all muscle as I’ve kept to my new life style and work out 4 days a week. If you follow her plan and exercise you will lose the weight. If you change your lifestyle and keep a lot of the habits she teaches you, you will keep the weight off. Thank you Judy for putting me on the path I am on today.

As someone who has been living with a chronic, degenerative condition, unable to find relief in the medical community at large, in Dr. Goldstone I found someone who was willing to help. She has the rare combination of a high degree of knowledge and yet, is very personable in her demeanor. She really wants to help. I would, and do recommend her to my clients, family, anyone.

I have been going to Dr. Goldstone for about a year regarding hormonal fluctuations. She’s knowledgable, understanding and has helped me through some rough times. I am doing much better though I’m still in the process of finding the best Bio-identical hormones and supplements. Nothing is easy fast or cheap when it comes to making changes in my life. My mental and physical health is so important to me and I believe Dr. Goldstone has made a big difference. She’s also a very good listener and takes my thoughts into consideration. In my experience with physicians, she’s top of the line.

I wish I would have met Dr. Goldstone 20 years ago. Dr. Goldstone is not only brilliant, she is caring and personable. My health has improved dramatically under Dr. Goldstone’s care, resulting in a much better quality of life for me. I highly recommend her.

I have been working with Dr. Goldstone for almost 3 years. She shows continual professionalism and works hard to help me achieve the best balance of hormones and health possible. Her explanations are easy to understand and she is easily available for questions

Dr. Goldstone shows great knowledge and professionalism. I have been extremely happy with my weight loss plan, and am grateful for the work Dr. Goldstone has done.

I went to Dr Goldstone to get my hypothyroidism and general health under control and she was very professional and complete in her examination and monitoring of my overall health not only my thyroid issues. She kept very accurate records of my lab work from visit to visit and gave me great insight into what I can do to make my health better. She does sell some supplements and they are very good. My lab results improved greatly as I followed the health plan she laid out for me. Overall I would say she is very professional and diagnoses and presents your health and addresses what can be done to improve and rectify it completely

When I went to Dr. Judi Goldstone I was over weight and my hormones were not at the desired levels. She encouraged me to exercise and lose weight. My thyroid level is much better and I have been able to lose about 20lbs. Thanks to Dr. Goldstone I have been on supplements that have lowered my blood sugar and my cholesterol. I’m still working on my weight loss and she is helping me get to my desired levels of all my hormones. My immune system has greatly improved in the 2 & 1/2 years that I’ve been seeing the Doctor. I recommend Dr. Goldstone to any woman who has gone through menopause. I only wish I would have found her earlier.

I had seen an anti-aging Dr before I met Dr. Goldstone, so I knew what I wanted. She was straight forward, up front on fees, and very efficient. She spends a lot of time before seeing me analyzing Lab data and is prepared when I arrive. If you are looking for this type of medical service, I would recommend Dr. Goldstone. She did not try and sell me anything, in fact she suggested places I could get what she recommended at a better price.

I spent nearly a decade in hell due to 15 concussions and head trauma as a professional athlete. At the time I was recommended a more affordable option with Dr. Goldstone, as my health has limited my ability to work. I had seen internists and psychiatric dr.s regarding my ‘condition’ but instead off seeing the imperial facts in my blood work they all swarmed on the symptoms and treated them and not considered looking at the cause. The head trauma created a Hypothalamic-pituitary axis deficiency being my hormone and thyroid feedback loop shut down, causing my condition. Seeing Dr. Goldstone has changed my life. I might not be the atypical patient due to my condition and age. That said I highly recommend Dr. Goldstone.