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As a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Judi Goldstone MD and staff are ready to assist you in your journey to regaining peak health. Los Angeles functional medicine office is located in Torrance, CA. After a comprehensive review of your symptoms, a thorough physical exam and laboratory analysis, Dr. Goldstone can help determine what plan of action is right to restore your health.


what is functional medicine los angeles?

Functional medicine is the practice of treating a patient using a holistic approach. Furthermore, it avoids using traditional medications that further tax the body’s organs. The goal of functional medicine is to get all of the patients organs to function at their highest capacity without creating more stress and dependency on the body. Once the body is brought back to balance and the organs are churning at an optimal rate, the body can begin to more easily heal itself.


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Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach to your body’s health. What does that mean? It means that the body works synergistically. Therefor, it is important to make sure it is treated as a whole. By thoroughly analyzing blood panels and other forms of testing (stool samples, etc.), Los Angeles functional medicine doctors are able to dissect why one below average result can create a chain reaction in your body’s overall health.  By treating the body as a whole, not just the symptom, holistic doctors are more equipped to address the root cause of the issue. Thus, it may be a more effective method of restoring true patient health.


In traditional medicine, it is very common for a prescription drug to be prescribed for any sort of digestive issue or skin issue for example. Commonly reffered to as western medicine or modern medicine, these prescription drugs further tax your organs such as the liver and kidneys for example. This treatment is commonly successful at masking symptoms and making the patient feel like they can resume their normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, they do not address the underlying cause of the problem. With the root cause of the issue not being resolved, it is very possible that leaving it untreated can cause more complicated health issues further down the line.

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At the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging, our functional medicine process is what separates us from other practices. With patient health being our number one priority, you will quickly realize why Dr. Judi Goldstone has received such a high number of testimonials over the years.


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Great attention to detail — and my goals were listened to while being given excellent advice for optimum health. Thank you all 🙂

— Chris Farrell

Dr. Goldstone is a wonderful and very knowledgeable doctor. My treatment has been life changing, I have recommended her to several of my girl friends already and they too are more than satisfied. Dr. Goldstone’s staff is kind, knowledgeable and they are always willing to go the extra mile for patient care.

— Arlenne Medina

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