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Safe and life changing weight loss can be attained and maintained when properly supervised. The Southern California Center for Anti-Aging offers patients an individualized 4-6 week weight loss and maintenance program which is safe and medically supervised. A diet will be designed based on your consultation with the doctor and likely will include a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate eating plan; an exercise regimen, behavior modification, stress management techniques; pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and, if necessary, medication to control appetite. You will be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss ALL WITHIN A MATTER OF WEEKS!

The South Bay Diet Program includes:

  • Consultation and physical exam with a Medical Doctor
  • Body composition analysis
  • Customized diet plan
  • Behavior modification
  • Natural weight loss supplementation
  • Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements
  • Weekly vitamin B12 injections
  • Weekly medically supervised clinic visits to track progress and troubleshoot


Patients can bolster their chance for success with any of the programs by adding supports from our extensive list of options that include:

  1. Comprehensive nutritional testing
  2. Laboratory analysis for metabolic imbalances, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, cholesterol, lipids, inflammatory markers and blood count, thyroid and cortisol
  3. Vitamin and antioxidant supplements
  4. MIC injections
  5. Vitamin injections
  6. Detoxification

To maintain weight loss, long-term diet modification and exercise are necessary.

For more information about the South Bay Diet, call the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging & Medical Weight Loss at 424-247-4962 today!

“Dr Goldstone is very attentive and thorough. Had issues with fatigue and fat issues (common for my age). Dr Goldstone developed a regimen and monitored regularly. Have had tremendous results. Body fat down from 21% to 12% in 13 months.”

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I have been so happy with my HRT progress under Dr. Goldstone she is so committed to taking her time to continue to make sure she has a thourough knowledge on my progress. I look forward to seeing Dr. Goldstone on my regular semi annual appointment to review my progress. The staff is so…

— Tom L

I’ve had a very successful experience with Dr. Goldstone she is highly professional.

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