New Mom’s Diet

Safe medically supervised weight loss for nursing and non nursing moms!

What Is The New Mom’s Diet?

Sometimes weight loss demands more than our best efforts. The New Mom’s Diet is designed to help you reclaim control of your body, boost energy, promote fat burning and weight loss, and replenish crucial nutrients lost during pregnancy and childbirth. Our trained medical professionals will teach you weight-loss strategies, relaxation techniques, nutritious eating habits, and ways to help you maintain your weight loss with your new, demanding lifestyle. And, with the help of convenient, easy-to-prepare, portion-controlled products, the New Mom’s Diet is appropriate and effective for both nursing and non-nursing mothers.

Don’t wait, call now and find out how to re claim your pre-pregnancy figure!

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What Does The New Mom’s Diet Include?

  • Initial consultation and physical examination with weight loss physician specialist
  • Comprehensive lab analysis for hormonal imbalances (which are common post delivery)
  • An individualized 1000-1800 calorie meal plan, fit for your personal specifications
  • Body composition analysis
  • Behavior modification exercises
  • Teaching of stress reduction techniques
  • Weekly vitamin B12 injections
  • Weekly medically supervised clinic visits to track progress and troubleshoot

To maintain weight loss, long term diet modification and exercise are necessary. The Southern California Center for Anti-Aging offers a maintenance program with continued monitoring to help you maintain a healthy weight!

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Options to Add to Your Weight Loss Program

New Mom’s can bolster their chance for success with any of the programs by adding supports from our extensive list of options that include:

  • Comprehensive nutritional testing
  • Vitamin and antioxidant supplements
  • MIC injections (amino acids that aid with fat loss and metabolism)
  • Vitamin injections – combinations of B complex and B6
  • Food allergy testing
  • Detoxification

To maintain weight loss, long-term diet modification and exercise are necessary.

For more information about the New Mom’s Diet, call the Southern California Center for Anti-Aging & Medical Weight Loss today!

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Well, I do not to need to loose weight. But I am getting older. 85 for that matter. Thank you Judi, for a keeping me healthy. I am confident that your monitoring my blood levels has kept me in good health.