Estrogen, Estradiol and Estriol

Estrogen is not just a single hormone, but rather a group of related hormones produced in the body. The three most important of this group are EstroneEstradiol and EstriolEstrogen is manufactured primary in the ovaries, but can also be made in fat cells, muscles cell and the skin.
Estriol (E3)
This is the most abundant of all the estrogens. It makes up approximately 80 percent of the estrogen present in the system and is produced by the ovaries. It is made in large amounts during pregnancy and is necessary for a carrying to full term. It also works on protecting the bones from losing density, protects the urogential health of a woman and has many valuable antioxidant properties. It is generally considered to be the weakest of the estrogens in terms of stimulating tissue growth and many see it as the safest form of all. It works well to combat vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy as well.
·         Considerable evidence exists to show that it protects against breast cancer
·         Is used in Europe to treat breast cancer instead of Tamoxifen
·         It does not have the bone, heart, or brain protection of estradiol
Estradiol (E2)
This estrogen is considered to be the most active of all the estrogensEstradiol makes up 10 percent of the body’s estrogen supply. It is a powerful hormone and is used most widely for controlling hot flashes and general menopausal symptoms. It may offer bone protection, improve lipid profile, enhance blood clotting, improve memory and clarity, increase serotonin and endorphin levels, enhance intestinal absorption of vital nutrients and is associated with eye lens health.

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·         Increases HDL
·         Decreases LDL and total cholesterol
·         Decreases triglycerides
·         Helps maintain bone structure
·         Increases serotonin
·         Decreases fatigue
·         Works as an antioxidant
·         Helps maintain memory
·         Helps absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc
Estrone (E1)
Is the main estrogen the body makes post menopausally. High levels many researchers believe may increase a women’s risk of breast cancer.
·         Estronehas very similar properties as Estradiol
·         It composes the last 10 percent of estrogen present in the body
·         It is usually converted from body fat
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