Welcome To The Next Generation of Nutritional Supplements: MicroTabs!

An advanced nutritional supplement delivery system customized to the individual.
Today’s diets often lack key vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other nutrients due in part to the decreasing quality of our food supply, poor soil and busy lifestyles conducive to fast food and quick fixes.  This only increases the importance proper dietary supplementation plays in helping us to attain long term optimal health.  And with thousands of supplement products to choose from, selecting a proper daily supplement regimen can be a daunting and expensive chore!
A recent offshore development, called MicroTabs, may help to make this task significantly easier and more effective.  MicroTabs are vitamin and supplement blends made using small cylinders of pharmaceutical grade nutritional ingredients.  Cutting edge technology allows for multiple nutritional ingredients (vitamins, minerals, proper fatty acids, anti-oxidants, amino acids, etc.) to be combined and concentrated into a formula that looks like tiny pellets (each MicroTab is exactly 2 mm in diameter and height) that is customized for an individual based upon the results of their laboratory blood testing.

Los Angeles Microtabs

This technology eliminates the guesswork in buying supplements that may or may not be complete or right for the individual.
“BioG” MicroTabs were developed by a German company, Biogenerics, and are currently only available through select compounding pharmacies in the US.  Microtabs are the first (and only) completely customizable supplement system available on the market today that complies with the FDA’s requirements for Dietary Supplements and Medical Foods.
To find out more about MicroTabs, and if they are right for you, call the Southern California Center For Anti Aging (www.SoCalBHRT.com) today.