10 Healthy Tips For Summer 2013

Summer 2013 is upon us, and in anticipation of the late night munchies and backyard barbeques, Dr. Goldstone from the Southern California Center For Anti-Aging lists her 10 favorite weight loss and fitness tips below to help keep you feeling and looking good!

1. Eat Frequent Small Meals
Instead of eating 3 meals a day, eating 5-6 mini meals throughout the day keeps hunger at bay and helps to maintain steady energy. Be sure to eat a protein at each meal, as protein is harder for the body to metabolize than sugar, so it keeps you full longer.

2. Eat Before You Get Hungry

This tip requires practice, because sometimes we get busy and by the time we realize we’re hungry, we’re starving! That’s why snacks are important – you never want to go more than a few hours without food. Eating before you get hungry helps you to control portion size.

3. Take Your Time

Slow Eating Los Angeles

Eat slow and put your fork down in between bites. Enjoy conversation with family and friends. After you eat, wait at least 15 minutes before thinking about second helpings – it takes time for your stomach to signal your brain that it is full enough, which translates into not hungry.

4. Fill Up At Home
If you are going to a party/restaurant/barbeque you know will have unhealthy, tempting foods – eat something healthy before you leave so you are already full when you go. This will keep temptation under control as it will be easy to eat less at the occasion.

5. Plan Your Meals
Thinking through what and when you’re going to eat will make you more likely to stick to your diet goals!

6. Drink Water
Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Drink at least eight glasses of non-carbonated, purified water (half your weight in ounces) each day. If you really hate the taste of water, add a little lemon or lime juice or brew a weak green tea. Make fruit ice cubes by dropping a raspberry, blueberry, or small slice of strawberry into each ice cube tray after you fill them with water.

7. Track Your Progress
Record your daily food intake and exercise in a journal. Studies show that those who keep a journal reach their fitness goals quicker.

8. Get Your Sleep

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If you are sleep deprived, your metabolism may not function properly which can lead to weight gain. On average, you should aim for 7.5 hours of quality sleep per night.

9. Exercise

Regular exercise can enhance your weight loss and will tone your body. The best way to begin a work out plan is to start slow and gradually ramp up when you feel ready. 10 minutes a day of walking can be a great start if you have not worked out for some time.

10. Motivate Yourself
Keep your goal in mind by displaying an old item of clothing that you’ve longed to fit into again in a prominent place so you see it every day. Visualize yourself looking great and in shape.
Incorporate these tips slowly and don’t try to incorporate all at once – that’s a sure-fire way to disaster! Try adding in the easy tips first, then move to the ones you find more difficult. While your short-term goal is to lose weight fast, it’s the long-term goals of health and fitness that matter most. Most importantly, enjoy yourself this summer and remember to find time to relax!